Friday, November 23, 2012

White jumper spider male

This guy was a truly pleasure to work with, the place were I do hunt for micro wold photos was poor of subjects that morning, with patience was possible to see this amazing, big male, for a jumper spider perspective. He agreed on some photos. Some things make this white male a bit different from the usual jumper spider shoots. First thing is the size of eyes, one of the most used approach to take pictures of jumping spiders is to make a extreme magnified close of the big frontal eyes. This one has big body and face, but the eye size was relatively the same as the ones from other jumper spiders, so the relative size of the eye to body was small. This spider in particular was more suitable to full body shoots than for a portrait.
Jumper spider lost palp and face detail. Photo is with Canon MP-E 65mm 2.8 macro photo @ about 2.6 magnification, about 10mm scene in horizontal measure

The above shoot shows a healthy mature male, worth note the lack of a left palp, right from the perspective of the photo viewer, the male loose this palp when mate, so could only mate successfully two times in life, this one already matted successfully one time.
Jumper spider moving. Photo is with Canon MP-E 65mm 2.8 macro photo @ about 2.6 magnification, about 10mm scene in horizontal measure
Of course he don't stooped to move, all photos are single shoots, no focus stacking with this salticidae but could take some snaps of his movement.


  1. These are amazing, I am just starting out in the macro world. inspirational shots like these really help.

  2. Very nice photoshot, thanks for sharing.
    Anna @ sewa mobil jakarta

  3. I love your work Gustavo. Always clear in detail and photographed in their natural habitat. I would love to be able to do that too but I am not stable enough on my feet anymore. That is why my macros are shot in my studio. Keep up the brilliant work my friend.

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