Friday, March 4, 2011

Black bumble bee portrait

Not sure if the black ones are friendly or ferocious, but this one wanted to jump to my finger for a little of heat. Not we are with the first relatively cold nights in the year. The photo is late afternoon with canon MP-E f/2.8 @ about 1.5x magnification.

Focus stack of two shoots combined in GIMP by a layer mask.

Interesting to note that the subject obligated me to keep the hand reversed and in a concave position, this was uncomfortable to left hand the lens, but the concavity of my skin worked like a reflective surface with the reflections of the skin present in the lower parts of the face.


       Scenic view above a lantana flower:



  1. I just saw a black bumble bee yesterday in my back yard, just flying around. He seem to be attracted to my hair, being the fact I had to duck a couple of times as he flew on by me.

  2. I found out they are called Carpenter Bees.