Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jumper spiderlings

Yesterday Feb 19, could return to the place and register the birth of the first jumper spiderlings

Newborn jumper spider above the silk protection constructed by the mother, the eyes look not completely formed, possibly they born blind, esp the frontal one were very hard to focus, possibly they were below the skin, interesting to compare with the well developed mother eyes and see what they will turn in future. Photo with Canon 7D and Canon MP-e 65mm macro photo @ 5x magnification 

Profile of a newborn jumper spider (salticidae) spider I opened a small hole in the silk and this individual is finding his way out of it. The green abdomen fits the green eggs, it's like the face emerge from the eggs but I do not registered this to be sure. 

Detail of a single spiderling above the protective silk and with the mother feet as scale. Photo with canon 7D and Canon MP-E 65mm macro photo lens @ 5x plus a crop 

The jumper spider mother above the newborn salticidae babies, is possible to note some eggs still closed without spider in them and some with recently born spiderlings.  

Unfortunately after 4 days of rain the thing not ended well for the spiderlings, I think the rain trapped them in the web and they died, wonder how many times the weather interfered with the small things life.

Green jumper spider eggs

in Feb 16 2011 found this protective jumper and the eggs below a nice mount of silk that at same time help with defence and allow the mother to walk above the eggs without any harm.

All photos with Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 macro @ 1.5x magnification. 580 EX II flash bracket mounted.

At this angle the eggs are almost absent from the image but it illustrate how she is capable to walk above the silk without damaging them. 

This angle is the best one to avoid the silk web and capture the eggs 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jumper spider, failed jump.

The spiders of salticidae family are legendary because of several behaviour features, one of the is that they do not resist to jump to the flash diffuser during a photo session.

Moved this one inside home and tried some sequences, in this one the jumper planned a jump to the flash diffuser but gave up the jump as the diffuser was somewhat distant, is nice to see they are reluctant if a jump is going to fail.

All photos with Canon 7d, Canon MP-E 65mm macro photo lens @ about 2x, 580 EX II flash (failed in one shoot of sequence)