Friday, January 14, 2011

Passiflora beetle portrait

These friendly beetles live in a passiflora plant very near my home, yesterday didn't have much time to a large scan of area looking for insects so taking the most of the opportunities near home is a viable alternative.

These girls have very interesting feet physiology, serving for defence and adherence, by the means of patience for a good moment the photo registered the face and a good deal of detail of the feet. There is a crop from the feet detail:

The brush pattern in the feet adhere by a means of a "oil" in the brushes, with function as a glue, is possible to note different brushes densities (less dense in the area of contact), as they alternate the brushes used to economize oil. In the event of an attack they are able to mobilize all the brushes for a strong adherence which could avoid even a ant attack.

By the photography side the photo is with Canon 7D with Canon MP-E 65mm macro photo lens @ 3x magnification, 580 EX II flash bracket mounted, handheld. Secured the leaf with finger and folded a little to fill the background with green avoiding the black background

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