Friday, June 11, 2010

Things could be considered important when shooting insects

White crab spider eating solitary bee
Originally uploaded by Gustavo Mazzarollo
One of the pictures selected by Getty Images

About two weeks ago received on Flickr the invitation of a Getty Images a provider of digital media who license images for use in projects, very interesting to observe the images selected by their professionals, 25 of a 375 images gallery at this time, most of selected images were the ones which shows nature in activity. the few ones selected with not activity moments were the ones with best composition.

Bubbling wasp
Originally uploaded by Gustavo Mazzarollo

This week received the e-mail from National Geographic Brazil that one of my pictures was selected winner of the monthly selection of best pictures send by readers, of all pictures they select two a month for a prize and be featured in printed version of the magazine, it's very cool and reinforce the idea of looking for subjects in activity to capture. this wasp nest is near my home and I visited it every day, already saw the wasps bubbling but in a timid way, this one not, it was bubbling and body elevated, two chances to capture which ended in one successful shoot.

All things hapened in a short period of time and is part of a smooth transition between uncompromised nature close ups to the need to look for nature action/moments and register them with eyes on composition. I am happy and sad at the same time, happy because the images were considered good by part of media, gaining more exposure to broader audience, and sad as some of the pictures that I would consider "good" some time ago could no more be considered keepers. Is a challenge to work in a method to be in the place of action in a time were it probably will happen, but it's content for a entire topic...


  1. Hi Gustavo! This is a great success! I am very happy for you!This recognition! Do more!

    Best wishes, Oleg.Kursk . Russia

  2. How wonderful! It was only a matter of time your amazing images received the recognition they deserve. It sounds like you are really challenging yourself now with these action shots and getting a wonderful composition at the same time.
    All the best, Mel (Australia)

  3. Thanks, Oleg, Mel and Kurt, nice warm comments.

  4. Congratulations, Gustavo! Very well deserved! Your images are incredible!!!

  5. Felicidades! Your images are incredible. I always find inspiration and beauty in your photos.